About ergSIGHT

The name ergSIGHT derives from a complex system built for continuous monitoring, controlling and optimizing energy consumption. ergSIGHT system is a cloud computing type service that contains hardware solutions, software components and real time communication. These solutions are provided by well trained, helpful and friendly people. www.ergSIGHT.ro is the portal for the ergSIGHT system which delivers a simple and friendly way of interfacing with the user.

ergSIGHT collects data in real time from sensors (built on the vision of Internet of things - IoT), over Internet links in a centralised database (built on the vision of cloud computing). The user has control over system objects through ergSIGHT portal. Optimization is provided by consulting services and automatic procedures. ergSIGHT enables integration with other enterprise applications. This technology is provided by a consortium of commercial companies as a service based contract.

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Partner: Agenţia pentru Eficienţă Energetică şi Protecţia Mediului București, România eepm
ergSIGHT helps organizations improve environment by using resources more efficiently.
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